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Deck More than the Halls this Season

As our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays such as Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and the New Year, using your computer to keep track of all the things you need to effectively celebrate can be done easily with some file sharing software and a few good apps.  The news is full of reports about consumer spending, consumer trust and certain security breaches.  How this will affect the bottom line of most companies who rely on the holiday season to earn as much as 40% of their yearly sales is uncertain.  But most analysist agree that more people will turn to online shopping to avoid long lines and streamline their purchases.  Some even argue that shoppers are likely to see the savings they realize become buying power to purchase more commodities, driving a slightly higher up tick than forecasted.

One reason is the ease of accessing readily available information on the origin and meaning behind the holidays celebrated this time of the year.  Though one might not fully partake, it is not unusual for a friend, relative or co-worker who had never heard of Kwanzaa a few years ago, to easily find cards, children’s books, kinaras (the candle holder) and other accessories available they can purchase for friends or family members who do celebrate the holiday.

Wearing apparel from stores like Nordstrom Rack is sure to be under the tree this year.  This is one of thousands of stores that have teamed up with Groupon to offer customers deep discounts on their name-brand merchandise and designer goods popular with all ages.  Now that Nordstrom Rack has a wide selection of durable goods added to their product mix, customers are sure to find even more reasons to shop the site.  When a Groupon is applied at checkout, prices for items from Kate Spade fall by 50%.  And there are other codes available that will shave as much as 75% off sale items, and even more on select merchandise.

Those who use resources like Groupon are sure to find themselves with more cash in their wallet.  Whether this is spent on more goods and services remains to be seen.  But with so many good deals on Nordstrom Rack accessories and apparel for the whole family, it’s easy to see why it’s considered the first place to look, when you want to look good this season.